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Need help in how to invest in the US or any other country.

I'm from Guatemala, 30 years old, but I want to invest in stocks for my future retirement. I have been reading in online webpages about stocks and investing and also in investing. But still I have some questions that I haven't found answers. I have opened an savings account but IMO I think it is not worth the interests gained from the account. It is an account in which for 5 years I deposit US$22 each month and I can't take that money out freely unless I want to pay the penalties. I think it is much wiser to spend the US$22 each month in buying stocks or partial stocks which on the long run will yield me more money than in the savings account. I don't mind of not been able to use the money invested on the stocks or mutual fund or in anything as I don't need the money in the short-term. My questions are the following:
  1. As I am not from the US I think it is possible to buy stocks or invest in a mutual fund. But if I do buy a stock how do I receive the dividends if it is cash? This wouldn't be a problem if the dividend received is reinvested in the same company which I wouldn't mind.
  2. Is it worth it to use US$22 to buy stocks or partial stocks? or invest it in a mutual fund? I just hope the money invested each month is worth it in the long run and hoping that the fees aren't too high.
  3. I read that US$1,000 is the least amount worth while to begin to invest in stocks. I don't have that much but I can start saving a bit before starting or is there a way to start with as little as US$22 and then little by little diversify the stocks so not to have all the eggs in the same basket.
  4. If when I do want to cash in my dividends do I need a US bank account?
  5. Are there any taxes or something similar related to buying stocks or cashing dividends?
  6. As it is difficult to go and participate in the conference financial results my only best bet is rely on the quarterly earnings or any other information they post is this information enough for me worth while to invest time and read? or doesn't really matter if I only have a few stocks?
  7. I know that the quarterly earnings posted by companies affect the price of the stock of that company and how much dividends I get after the quarter, should I worry reading all of the quarterly earnings of each company where I have a stock? Or is it just better to read the annual results?
  8. How about investing in other countries for example Japan?
  9. Is Forex much better to invest (or less safer to invest) than in a Stock?
I don't want to spend a lot of time in worrying and reading nonsense rumors or about stocks (don't want to spend everyday watching the stock market or stock market news) I just want the money go almost autopilot and earn earnings by themselves while each month I add US$22 in buying some stock or partial stock. eg. I buy a stock from Apple and the dividends from that stock buy more stocks from Apple, then on the next month when I add US$22 I can buy more stocks from Apple or maybe buy stocks from another company.
Sorry for my English and any spelling mistakes and if there are answers to my questions in another thread please post the url. Thanks a lot.
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